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Months 31 to 33 - "Weren't you shorter 30 minutes ago?"

Right. So. Three months have gone past SUDDENLY. Mostly I haven't been writing anything because work has been a bit of a disaster area. I've been working long hours and using my social brain a lot (stupid meetings), so when it comes to night time, I'm basically wrangling, cooking, settling Hamish and then passing out, or at least staring like a drooling moron at the screen with no spare words. Cooking tea that is. Not cooking Hamish. I've always known that being tired and busy eats my ability to be creative, but apparently I neede re-reminding.

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Most insane thing in the last three months: "I draw an elephant. *scrawls a scribbly blob* Ooops! I drawed a tiger!"

Photos galore! - March, April (including SCIENCE! and Dinosaurs Alive) and May

Dungeon Crawl: A New Hope

I can't make this, but other folks might be keen :)

Wednesday, May 4 8:30pm - 11:30pm

At Dungeon Crawl, we love D&D. But we're not one-dimensional nerds, oh no! Our geekery is much more multi-faceted.

We also love Star Wars.

For our next monthly foray into the world of improvised comedy role-playing, Richard McKenzie will learn to speak bocce and Ben McKenzie will trade in his Dungeon Master's cloak for some Sith robes as we ditch the magical medieval fantasy tropes of magic swords, dragons and spells for a completely different world of lightsabres, rancors and mind tricks in a galaxy far, far away!

Featuring guest Jedi rebel scum Scott Edgar (Tripod), Clem Bastow (3RRR, The Vine, Zombie Shuffle), Adam McKenzie (Watson) and Aamer Rahman (Fear of a Brown Planet), plus assorted smugglers, stormtroopers, droids and muppets engaging in all kinds of scum and villainy!

Show starts at 8:30; tickets $15 on the door or $14 at

Plus, stick around after the main show for a screening of the hilarious Aussie Star Wars fan films, Suburban Knights and Suburban Knights Episode II: Death Crush!

Now back to slaving like a mad thing

Month 30 - "Hamish watch Wibble Pig?"

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Most insane thing he did this month? Stuffed dry biscuits in the toes of his sandals, between his feet and the sole.

These are getting a bit harder to write, because the urge is there to just list all the cute conversations we have had, but that feels a bit lame. So I just thought I'd say thanks for the feedback people give in real life and online that they are enjoying things :) At some point I might stop doing this, because it will go from being a journal of Hamish's development to stalking him, but that day is yet to come.

Speaking of stalking...

State election

Remember when voting this weekend that Ted Bailleau was Jeff Kennett's real estate agent when all the schools and other public facilities were sold off. Not sayin' that I like Nanny Brumby and co as an option, but voting should always start from the bottom with the most evil.