aeduna (aeduna) wrote,

tacomonkey and I are very happy to announce that Jess is just shy of thirteen weeks pregnant. She's due mid-August, and according to the scan on Saturday, not having a puppy or a lizard or twins.

And now, a brief, pre-emptive FAQ. Or, at least the answers.

1) No, Liz and I have not broken up. This year is our 20th anniversary. We are all in the same house. It is pretty nice.

2) Yes, it was planned, over about 18 months

3) Jess has felt a bit sick, and randomly fallen asleep, and cannot remember how many fingers people have and once left her glasses in the fridge and the cheese in the vegetable crisper. Other than that, things have gone pretty ok.

4) the baby appears to be, as almost all of them are, impersonating Alfred Hitchcock. It has the right number of organs and limbsand such for a baby this old.

5) Liz is excited.

6) Hamish is excited. Even after we explained that not all babies go on the UV grill.

7) Kieran would like someone to read the hungry caterpillar, or put on some more Ben and Holly.

8) Tim has not threatened to murder us.

9) I am neither charismatic nor a cult leader.

10) We do not yet know what sex the baby is, but we will find out.

11) Sorry Donna about the timing with handbooks :)

12) Jess thinks "Radio Danger" or "Alison Wonderland" are good names. Damien thinks he will steal the forms when she is in a postbirth daze.
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