aeduna (aeduna) wrote,

Day 6 - the further adventures of Mr Wriggly

Sooo, Kieran is back in the Special Care Nursery and back into the baby oven. His jaundice came back fairly strongly, and the billibed just wasn't going to cut it. This is a bit annoying, but its almost certainly just because he's prem so we just have to wait it out and keep trying to stuff the carefully calculated four hourly feeds into his resistant gob. There is something funny about a week old baby pursing his lips tight to stop you getting a bottle in his mouth.

goldengrove, on the other hand, is too jack of being in the hospital and is agitating to come tomorrow. This means she might be home for a few days, and driving back and forth to Box Hill to deliver milk. Hopefully it won't go much longer than Wednesday (funnily enough, day 8, same length of time Hamish was in there), but we'll have to wait and see.

Some of the urge to come home is being driven by wanting to be here on Tuesday when Hamish sets off to 3 year old kinder for the first time. I'm thoroughly expecting to have to dynamite him out of the place, but the call of going and visiting the hospital might be enough.
Tags: mr wriggly
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