aeduna (aeduna) wrote,

Day 4 - further adventures of Mr Wriggly

Kieran is now off the billybed (the baby grill) and happily wriggling around a normal cot. He'd only lost 150g from birth as of yesterday and today he's had four-hourly feeds forced into him (no, not four feeds on the hour). He wakes up, eats 20ml and goes back to sleep. This is not acceptable, so we then spend 45 mins coaxing him into finishing off the meal of 60ml or so. He's not fighting it, he'd just rather be sleeping.

I'd forgotten how tricky it is to change someone who can't help, or at least knows that he'll get in trouble if he actively resists. Having stuff on various limbs makes it harder too, but its been 3.5years and I just have lost some of the knacks. I'll get lots of practice I guess, so it should come back.

Hoping that tomorrow will be the last day at Box Hill. Kinda over the trip, and definitely over having to park over a kilometer away on a hot day. goldengrove wants to come home too, getting a bit of cabinfever. Step #1 in the morning, thusly, is to put the babyseat in the car. Hopefully I remember how it goes.

Hamish went off to visit his cousins this morning, leaving the fabulous tacomonkey some down time (hopefully). He is crashed unconscious. Now I must also.
Tags: mr wriggly
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