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Day 3 - further adventures of Mr Wriggly

Huzzah, Kieran is clear on infection, and has had the drip and bung removed. The difficulties breathing may just have been from being a bit prem and having his lungs full of goo. MISSION GOO. Also, in other good news, he is now out of the Special Care Nursery and on the ward with goldengrove. This is extra goodish because he is not going to go home til at least Saturday, and if he is not in SCN, then someone - lets call her 'Liz' - has to stay with him while he is on the ward. Ideally, this leads to the two of them coming home on the same day.

He's continuing to guzzle food and suck the skin clean off any bit of human flesh presented to him as long as its not a boob. Being able to be fed is another requirement for heading back home, so that is generally a good thing. goldengrove is back into the dairy and he's being fed much of the results until he works out how to cut out the middle man.

Hamish has joined the rebel ranks and refuses to refer to him as 'Kieran', sticking to the old moniker of 'Mr Wriggly'. Apparently he doesn't think its a good name, but given that his preferred option is currently 'tungggg' his opinion is not really being given much weight. He was far more accepting of the possibility today that Kieran will not be able to come and play totem tennis the second he gets home. Tomorrow the fabulous tacomonkey is being given a bit of time off for good behaviour while Hamish is sent off to hang out with some of his cousins.

And now, sleep. Sleeeeeeeeeep.
Tags: mr wriggly
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