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Week 34 - the further adventures of Mr Wriggly

So, we're now two weeks out from the time that Hamish was born. Its gone from 24 weeks where goldengrove was showing some to ten weeks later in bursts - 2 weeks would rush past then a day would crawl. Now it could be ANY MOMENT NOW. We've decided to be ready from the 26th of January onward so as not to be caught by surprise this time. But Christmas and all being what it is, "ready" is turning out to take longer than we expected. The baby room is still full of guff, clothes are in a cupboard we can't get to, the pram is packed away.... but we have lists.

goldengrove is, well, unhappy really. Mr Wriggly is taking up a large amount of space that she was previously using for organs and personal space, making it hard to breathe or move around the house. The floor is something she visits only with some preplanning, and everything that she'd normally do close up is now done at arm's length.

Hamish is pretty interested in the baby in mum's belly and having a little brother, but less keen on the idea that pretty soon the baby will live with us and scream and sleep a lot of the time. While he's had some experience with younger kids at playgroup, I have a suspicion that he's expecting a baby somewhat more akin to a 6 month old to show up. He has suggested that we name the baby "General", "Wun Chew" and "Fanny". Some of them names we're considering were run past him, and so far he's declared them all too silly or not real names.

Mr Wriggly himself is doing fine. The 32 week scan that we were asked to have to check for low birth weigh turned out to be just fine - which didn't really come as a shock. He was about 2.1kg at 32 weeks; add 250g odd grams a week and that puts him at about 4kg when (if) he goes to 40 weeks (and about 3kg if its 36. For comparison, Hamish was 3.2kg). He has a good heartbeat, good brain blood flow and a kick like an enraged mule.
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