aeduna (aeduna) wrote,

Week 24 - the further adventures of Mr Wriggly.

Mr Wriggly is already past the theoretical half way point. He's definitely wriggling and jiggling around inside goldengrove, and you can kinda feel it on the outside too.

We had a 20 week scan... well, actually, we had two 20 week scans, because on the first one he wouldn't stop playing with his toes. Its a little hard to get an accurate count of toes and fingers when he kept tangling them together. So between that and not being keen on rolling over so we could get a look on the far side, we ended up having to come back a couple of days later for the supplementary bits.

The good news is that everything seemed to be ok, despite the ghost skull visuals you get when using ultrasound. Brain was there, and on the inside, heart was hammering away, all the arms and legs were the appropriate size, profile was suitable Alfred-Hitchcock-like.

The slightly concerning news is that "PAPP A" levels were a bit low in the blood test around the twelve week mark, which is what led to the higher than expected possibility of downs. Its associated with a few other potential issues as well, so we've got another scan to book for 32 weeks, just to check for things like low birth weight. That'll be just after New Years' Eve.

goldengrove is clearly showing now, and finding that her belly is a bit sensitive as Mr Wriggly expands to fill all the available space. Hamish also decided that he had a baby in his tummy and that we weren't to squish him. Hamish's other current contribution is to insist that the baby's name should be "pnar" or "squiggy".
Tags: mr wriggly
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