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not only but also
Months 31 to 33 - "Weren't you shorter 30 minutes ago?" 
31st-May-2011 10:20 pm
cheeky monkey
Right. So. Three months have gone past SUDDENLY. Mostly I haven't been writing anything because work has been a bit of a disaster area. I've been working long hours and using my social brain a lot (stupid meetings), so when it comes to night time, I'm basically wrangling, cooking, settling Hamish and then passing out, or at least staring like a drooling moron at the screen with no spare words. Cooking tea that is. Not cooking Hamish. I've always known that being tired and busy eats my ability to be creative, but apparently I neede re-reminding.

Anyway. The last three months has been all about Science! Having established some control over his limbs, and an increasing ability to express himself, Hamish is learning about logic and Science. As a first step, he established that correlation is not causation, putting him about 12 steps ahead of most the human race (H: "Grass is green". Me: "Jess's hair is green, does that mean that Jess's hair is grass?" H: "Nooo!"). He has learnt about the exciting world of momentum when he was on a tireswing and I stopped it... just the tire swing, not Hamish, who shot off across the playground. He has been applying logic to get what he wants ("daddy not sick. Hamish not sick. [I can] have some daddy drink"). He's been showing interest in astronomy, at least to the extent that going out and looking at the moon or stars means that he's not going to bed. The best science tho, of course, was chemistry. This isn't just my justified bias, its just that chemistry is fizzy, colourful and messy. bjj_moves made some purple pH sensitive dye from cabbage and showed Hamish how it could be change colour if you put in with vinegar or dissolved bicarb soda. And then even cooler, if you pour them together, it changes colour and fizzes up all over the table and onto the floor!

It is occasionally a bit bemusing to have your turns of phrase and mannerisms mirrored back at you. Especially ones that you weren't really aware that you said a lot. If you tell Hamish something and he disagrees, often you'll get back a counter statement followed by 'actually'. "Its grey, actually". "Its daddy's torch, actually". Just to let you know its not just your opinion that is incorrect, but that you are factually wrong. And in hindsight, both me and goldengrove say that a lot. Actually. Occasionally you forget to take into account that he's in the room and listening. Its not so much remembering not to swear, but the rarer weirder phrases - when you quote something you tend to say it with a fair amount of deliberation, and its those unusual chunks of language that get echoed up from behind the kitchen bench. goldengrove was contemplating a task and said in a fair imitation of Adrian Edmondsen "this calls for a subtle blend of psychology and extreme violence".. only to have "streem ilans!" get yelled out 5 seconds later. Some of the mirroring was a bit embarrassing - you can't help but think that maybe he's getting too much tv when he doesn't go "a b c d e f" etc, but "a b c for kids on two!".

Its not all echoing the adults around him though. Like every kid, every now and again he comes out with some sort of gem. I don't think that he is parroting, because they are not the sorts of things that adults tend to say out loud. He randomly said "Mummy is excellent sometimes" while me and tacomonkey were with him at the park, for example. I'm going to assume that he says these things because they occur to him as his mind considers how he feels about people, and its not random words. On the other hand, he has also said "I love you very much, dad" and "I love you very much, pram" in quick succession so perhaps it is just neurons firing. For the sake of my ego, I shall consider this as a possibility.

Occasionally he'll take something you say and demonstrate that he understands the fundamentals of the statement, but perhaps not the social context that goes with it when adults are conversing. When goldengrove said "Where are your manners?", its entirely logical that his response is "um, hiding". Similarly when she told him that she'd lost her brains, he pulled some fluff out of his pocket and said "um, here!". He's helping, honestly. Sometimes its not even social context, its more like robots parsing English, where the meaning he gets out it is perfectly logical, but its not the usual use of those particular turns of phrase.

Other language development has included double and triple adjectives for emphasis ("its really really really good!"), the concept of a null response ("what do you want for tea?" "nuuuthinggg") and being uninterested in finding out the answer to your question ("don't know." *continues what he was doing*). Some words and phrases aren't right, but are too cute to want to correct him on, so we are perpetuating his malformed vocabulary for our own amusement, at least as far as 'crocoldino' (crocodile), 'mister egg' (easter egg) and 'green bag' (bean bag) go.

Physically, he seems bigger and heavier. As expected, really. He's grown a centimeter or two, but its hard to measure him when he keeps looking to see what you're doing. Its like trying to do something above a dog's head, watching what you're doing is way more exciting than holding still and doing what you want. When we went to visit my grandmother, it was clear that this was the last time we can use the travel cot we bought when he was little - he's just too big for it now. He's taller than most the other kids at mum's group and on one occasion was found walking up the driveway with one of the other kids, "going to Hamish's house", having been able to reach the front door handle.

He climbs like a monkey and runs along mostly like a little boy rather than a toddler, though its always just as you relax that he tumbles and faceplants - in one memorable instance, just as tacomonkey said "don't you ever worry that he's going to trip and fall?". He now can manage the concept of pedalling bike pedals in a consistent direction, rather than getting them to the top of the circle and suddenly going backward (and putting the brakes on). Hamish can be kind of lazy when it comes to walking - he wants to be carried, which is getting to be murder on your arms, or at least ride my shoulders, which is slowly crushing me. He loves to hang off things and to jump, especially over and onto our shadows when we hang out at the local oval late in the day and they stretch out across the grass.

Sleep is still a bit of a trial, and it can take a while of sitting with him before he passes out some nights. He's started getting a routine, which seems to help a bit ("I almost 'got about the cuddles!") . He's not quite up to going through a full day, but having a midday nap seems to keep him up all night, so we find ourselves alternating between having one and skipping one. Food is also a bit of an ongoing argument - he seems to eat enough to not be hungry RIGHT NOW and then lose all interest. There was a brief surge of eating a variety of green things, but now its back to "I don't like peas".

Hamish has reached a level of self-awareness where he has his favourite hobbies. Of course the things he likes are the things that drive his parents crazy. There are computer games - I've downloaded some kids games like a memory cards game for my box, and "Hamish and bjj_moves play birds?" and " Hamish and bjj_moves play mi'craft on mum's 'puter?" where he takes over our pcs. There is "arts and crafts" where he takes paper, glues stuff to it, and then chops it all to pieces with his scissors or just scatters it across the dining room. He's taken to playing with some glass marbles recently... which mean that our hallway has become a darkened pathway of DEATH when he leaves them scattered all over the hall. Today he rediscovered the playdough stash, so we're now once again having to try and stop him from mashing coloured dough into the carpet. Hamish also loves bouncing on our bed, which all mattress-damaging aspects aside, leaves me scared he's going to go out our window and drop two stories onto his head. On the plus side, he absolutely loves reading, and the pre-bed routine includes three to five books, as well as any other books he can con us into reading ... two or three times.. during the day.

Things we've done... gods, there's too much, its been three months. Highlights of highlights were visiting my grandmother in Orbost for a few days (and catching up with some of my cousins too) and seeing Dinosaurs Alive with Calum and Catherine. He's spent time at my mum's, and at tacomonkey's (though it took three times to get him there before he didn't fall asleep in the car on the way over). We've been to parks and parties and pubs and markets and Kara's naming day and being sick and staying home.

Most insane thing in the last three months: "I draw an elephant. *scrawls a scribbly blob* Ooops! I drawed a tiger!"

Photos galore! - March, April (including SCIENCE! and Dinosaurs Alive) and May
1st-Jun-2011 12:19 pm (UTC)
Accidental tiger, unexpected piglet?
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