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not only but also
Esoteric hardware up for grabs 
1st-Sep-2010 01:42 pm
I'm doing some house cleaning, and amongst the rubble to be removed are some esoteric bits of computer hardware. If anyone wants them, you've got till the weekend and hard rubbish being put out to come and get them(*)

1) sparc sun/sparcstation 20 + external disks, tape dds1 (with misaligned heads - can only read and write to itself)

2) an indy, minus the cabling from monitor to machine

3) dec alpha, no monitor

4) vt100 terminal

5) 8086 :)

Feel free to offer these to anyone who might want them.

(* if i have a confirmed want from reliable people, I will hang onto them in the short term past this weekend)
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