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not only but also
Month 22 - "I sit!" 
8th-Jul-2010 09:57 pm

June has been all about sleep, or a lack of it. We put a pillow in Hamish's cot to try and give him more options to sleep on his side if that was more comfortable, and that seems to have worked ok. Getting him to sleep in the middle of the day has become a bit of a trial for goldengrove - its not that he's up to dropping that nap, its just that he hates to go to sleep. There's been a couple of days of getting him to mellow out by watching tv, but that's not ideal, even if it is play school. It does work tho, by holding him in one place long enough for his eyelids to actually close while being distracted enough to not poke himself in the eyes to keep them open.

The book plan has been working at night for the most part - take a handful of books into our room, read them for a while, and then turn the light off. In theory, in short order he'll fall asleep next to you, or in goldengrove's case, laying as uncomfortably as possible on her, preferably with a shoulder jammed under her jaw. In practice, sometimes he demands the milk he had no interest in 4 seconds before, or freaks out and starts yelling. I've found that that the freaking out can be offset by giving him one of the glow-in-the-dark zombie figures we have. There's something sort of hilarious about a small child clutching a phosphorescent zombie to make him less scared by the dark.

Once he's been asleep for a while, you could basically pick him up and lob him into the cot. He flops around like a rag doll when you scoop him up, and goes nicely into the bed. Once or twice he's mumbled something when I've been carrying him, and once he clearly said "Mum. Sit". Awww, his first sleeptalking.

Sadly, this slumpedness doesn't always persist through the night. June was pretty cold, he's had more molars come through, and a 3 week long snotty cold then cough (awww, his first antibiotics), all of which can lead to waking up at least once a night. And when Hamish wakes up, he does not really know how to get back to sleep on his own, so he shares his dismay with everyone within hearing range, loudly and persistently. Sometimes its easy to get him back to sleep and back to bed, but often he'll sleep deeply on you or in your arms, only to erupt out of sleep in fury when he senses that you are putting him back in the cot. This is a bit frustrating when its 4am and 4C and all you really want is to go back to bed.

On the plus side, he stayed at my parents' overnight while we went to the uberparty of shemjaza, delphaeus and bjj_moves, and slept most of the night. I was a bit concerned that he'd freak out when I left, and goldengrove was a little unsure how he'd do waking up in the morning; but he didn't even notice when I left (trucks!) and when we got there in the morning he glanced at us with a "oh its you" look and then kept playing chasey with Helen. Not that we wanted him to freak out or anything, but it was a bit like stepping on a stair that wasn't there to find he didn't notice at all.

In more interesting developments, his brain and intellect develop at a slightly dizzying rate. Talking to him now actually involves some strung along concepts and not just single words and objects. Its been the case that he's understood more than he could say or demonstrate for a while, but he managed his first sentence (awww) the other day. Sure, it was "I sit", but you know - verb, subject, etc. I'm calling it a win. Getting him to verbally identify things is a bit hit and miss, but he does understand what we say - "what colour is that?" will get you stared at, but "pick up the blue one" has about a 90% hit rate.

Hamish is articulating more words every day, and hardly any of them are swearing. In theory, anyway. See, he has trouble with pronouncing the 'c' sound at the start of words, so it comes out as 'd'. This is fine when its "car" (dar) or "cat" (dat), but not so much when its "kick". Especially when he's running up the street, booting a soccer ball along and yelling enthusiastically about what he's doing. At least in that case there's context to help clear up what he actually means - sometimes he'll spot something and be babbling away and I am totally lost as to what he's trying to say. Its worse outside because his speaking voice is drowned out by the background noise, and even worse when he's upset I am not getting things. One night he was asking for 'draw' repeatedly, but once the crayons had been thrown away that clearly wasn't what he wanted. There were tears before we realised he wanted a straw for his milk, and not the spouted lid.

He seems to be able to grasp the concepts of big, little and tiny, mostly in the context of "no, Hamish, I am too big to go down that slide/sit on that chair/wear your shoes". "Old" and "new" are sort of starting to be understood - when its last night's milk, the horrid taste probably helps cement the concept of 'old'. He really likes singing 'Row, row, row your boat' with actions - goldengrove has a bunch of verses I'd never heard. one of which includes tipping him over and into the water, which is apparently hilarious. He grasps the idea of chasing someone around and around random features, and is starting to be able to go up stairs one foot per stair rather than scaling each stair as its own little level.

Its usually entertaining watching him master a skill, because he looks so smug when he knows he has it down. But some things can be a bit irritating for him to practice. Like shutting doors for instance. All Doors Must Be Closed. Including the front door. Which you might have just gone out of to put something in the bin without your keys. goldengrove tends to snib the door which is a good plan, whereas I was just lucky that the back door was still open. The only exception to the door-closed rule is the microwave door, which must remain open. Hearing stories from other parents of kids the same age makes me glad that our light switches at 5' off the ground, else we might find ourselves in an impromptu experimental film with the lights going on and off.

Much visiting and travelling went on during the month too - Hamish and goldengrove went out to the Barham for one of his great-grandmothers' 90th birthday (sadly clashing against one of his second cousins' birthdays) while I stayed home and allegedly rested (2 parties and the aforementioned cousin birthday). He's visited Gab & Michael, and gone to Chloe's housewarming (we had to pry him off the tricycle), and hung out with bjj_moves a lot during his June holiday. We went to Jells Park a few times and to Churchill National Park, where he got to splash in puddles, nearly lose his gumboots and watch wallabies bounce. 'bounce!', 'bounce!'. 'Bounce!'

Photos, one of Hamish's favourite things to sit & look at.
9th-Jul-2010 10:06 am (UTC)

Getting unnaturally cuter! ^_^
Poor boy with his cold! Hope all better now.
9th-Jul-2010 10:55 pm (UTC)
There's something sort of hilarious about a small child clutching a phosphorescent zombie to make him less scared by the dark.

Dunno about hilarious, but it's oddly beautiful :-)

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