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not only but also
dear melbourne car drivers 
13th-Apr-2010 08:21 am

Just some information that some of you seem unaware of.

  1. Indicators, once installed on your vehicle, are not optional
  2. Indicators do not place such a drain upon the resources of your car that you must only leave them on for .2seconds
  3. Indicators are for informing other traffic what you are about to do. Not to let them know what you just did.

anyone who replies with "but bike riders do dumb things too" will be mocked and derided accordingly. "Billie did it first!" is an idiotic argument. Be the better person

13th-Apr-2010 04:32 am (UTC)
I dont drive and last time i rode a bike my handlebars fell off. I've been "clipped" by cars 37 times and full blown struck down twice. I once even had my shoulder dislocated by a bike rider who wasnt looking at the clear ubonstructed view in front of her. I've been nudged by bumper bars at crossings and abused for making the little green shithead tell the driver he cant hoon past where my person is.
I am the concerned pedestrian
and in the immortal words of my boss when i was a trolley pusher "i know where you parked you asshole"
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