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not only but also
dear melbourne car drivers 
13th-Apr-2010 08:21 am

Just some information that some of you seem unaware of.

  1. Indicators, once installed on your vehicle, are not optional
  2. Indicators do not place such a drain upon the resources of your car that you must only leave them on for .2seconds
  3. Indicators are for informing other traffic what you are about to do. Not to let them know what you just did.

anyone who replies with "but bike riders do dumb things too" will be mocked and derided accordingly. "Billie did it first!" is an idiotic argument. Be the better person

13th-Apr-2010 01:24 am (UTC)
Stop hitting your brother...

But he's on my side of the seat...

She stuck her tongue out at me...

He poked me...

It's the oldest argument Damien, it can't just be because car drivers in Melbourne are morons it MUST be your fault somehow... I drive and I am ready to commit murder on any long car drive because the stupidity and selfishness is just beyond a joke.
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