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not only but also
Month 19 - "please stop dislocating my finger" 
12th-Apr-2010 09:45 pm

Hamish has definitely learnt how to drag us around. He comes up and grabs a finger and pulls until your choices are lose the finger or go along with him. You may get dragged to a chair, to a particular room, to something that he wants dealt with, but the important part is the pulling. Its faster than the pushing, but it can also be a bit too insistent - that plus death grip can mean the knuckles start to complain when he reeeally want you to come along.

There has been other learnings. He can now throw things, in a fashion. Balls! Blocks! Tantrums! We took.. oh, something, I can't even remember what it was... away from him in the kitchen and he ran out of the room crying and pounded the wall with his fists. I suspect it didn't get the response he wanted - hysterical laughter seemed to put him off for some reason. I've also seen him stamp on both feet (which means his balance is improving, which is good), throw stuff on the ground and throw himself down after it. Generally, I just walk off, which leads to more wailing, but I really want to make it clear that it doesn't work to get what he wants, or even an angry response.

More learnings! Did You Know... if you take these coloured things and apply them to this white stuff, they leave marks! Awesome! Fortunately it was crayons and some paper bought specifically for drawing on, rather than some pens he found and the walls. bjj_moves has been drawing Hamish an ABC book on random pages - I believe he is up to G. The examples are typically strange; A is for astronaut and armbar, for instance. This is part of bjj_moves's efforts to teach Hamish the alphabet. Personally I feel its a little premature, but it is true that Hamish will now say "ay ay ay" and point at letters, so there's been some progress.

Hamish also says "ay ay ay" and points at either bjj_moves or my computer. This means he wants to listen to the ABC Song. Fortunately this only happens 2 or maybe 3 hundred times a day. bjj_moves kindly turned it into a mp3! hooray! you can fit 53 copies of it on one cd! Kill me! For all I know track 5 is Rick Astley or maybe Billie Don't Be a Hero, but fortunately Hamish gets bored by track 3.

His babble is now full of all sorts of words, most of which are only translatable by parents or those who have suffered through high exposure. All fruits are 'nana'. All animals are dogs (woof), unless they are miaow (cats). He can also say: this, milk, balloon, ball, blocks, money, shoe, tissue, three, teevee, phone, no, squeeze, tickle, bird, truck, sun, moon, duck, bike, plane, splash, byebye, ni'ni', baby, book, me, mum, Jess, sit, beep, car; and a bunch of other context-sensitive sounds that are almost words. Some of his books have specific names - "no" is the "what bounces" book, "Good night spot" is the "ni'ni'" book and "where's baby" is 'baby'. Reading is pretty popular at this stage, which is hopefully a habit that he'll keep, reinforced as it is by the adults around him.

I made the fatal mistake while pottering around the car recently of putting Hamish in the front seat, which meant for a week or two when we denied him access to the multitude of buttons and switches and lights he could reach from that seat and made him sit in his seat for an actual trip, he would scream and rant and wriggle as hard as he could to try and get out and into the front seat. This is just part of his general buttons obsession - remote controls and phones are the best, but being allowed to randomly push buttons on keyboards and play with the knobs on a radio/cdplayer is pretty excellent as well. Our house was built with most of the light switches at about 5' up the wall, so they only get some attention when he's being carried around, or I suspect we'd be living in a disco of strobing lights.

Randomly, during March, goldengrove decided to go to Tasmania, and take Hamish with her. He was a bit startled to be pulled out bed but sat quietly staring at the traffic at 5.30am on the way to Tulla, and only really woke up when we got there. goldengrove said that he was quite good on the plane on the way there, and mostly slept on the way back. He has now been on as many plane trips as I have, and he also got to go on a bus for the first time. Things there went pretty well because he was young enough to travel as an infant, but old enough to take an interest. He got ice cream almost every day and charmed everyone eating breakfast in the hotel. goldengrove's only complaint is that the playground she'd planned to go to turned out to be up a 45 degree hill.

On a much smaller scale, I grabbed him off to the beach at Sandringham for one last time this summer. Despite the sudden cool change that showed up before we go out there, we still went for a swim, if a much shorter one than usual. Sadly, what is a refreshing swim for me is a short trip to shivering land for the much smaller Hamish. He spent a goodly part of the trip chasing seagulls while carrying food, causing them much cognitive dissonance and amusing me and tacomonkey.

Other things... mum's group, playgroup, geekweevil visiting, a day at Blackburn Lake for his grandmother's birthday and his first MURP infernal. More teeth are sliding in, and this is accompanied with not eating properly again - I am hoping that once he has all his choppers we can get back to full meals of actual food. He totally dodged a bullet with the huge hailstorm over Labour Day weekend - I was going to take him to the Internet Filter protest, but decided at the last minute not to. I missed getting hailed on directly by minutes, but it was a scary car ride back from the station and I was glad not to have Hamish in the car.

Month 19 photographs
12th-Apr-2010 11:59 am (UTC)
"For all I know track 5 is Rick Astley or maybe Billie Don't Be a Hero, but fortunately Hamish gets bored by track 3"

Hahaha, it would amuse me greatly if it was :D
12th-Apr-2010 12:02 pm (UTC)
I was thinking of you, yes :)
12th-Apr-2010 12:33 pm (UTC)
Hamish also says "ay ay ay" and points at either bjj_moves or my computer

If you ask me, it sounds like he's trying to say "Ia, ia, ia, [Shub Niggurath]".
(Deleted comment)
12th-Apr-2010 10:30 pm (UTC)
Thank you :-)
He's meant to be eating solids and having a go at feeding himself, eating ~ 750g of food a day. Some days that happens. Mostly it does not, and we're not sure why. He also refuses to eat food with bits in it... solid food is fine, pureed food is fine, but stuff like a lasagne with pieces of carrot is Satan. Mostly I don't bother writing this in because I can't think of any way that its funny or interesting ;)
(Deleted comment)
13th-Apr-2010 01:32 am (UTC)
pfft. I can eat cows. I can't use their organs. Just sayin'
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