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not only but also
Month 18 - "Master of Ladders" 
3rd-Mar-2010 10:23 pm
looking outside

One day at playgroup, Hamish worked out how to go up a ladder. The next day at the playground he tried out a different ladder. And a chain-net that can be used as a ladder. Aaand a series of rungs attached to a wooden board. And the third day he monkeyed his way along a half-circle ladder thing that runs between bits of playground equipment, and up a sort of ladder made of wooden planks. Its like a little switch in his brain went "oh. Right." - anyone who says that magically gaining abilities in roleplaying games when you level up isn't realistic is clearly wrong.

Even the things that he can't actually do himself can be achieved in one of two ways. The first is to grab our hands and shove them at whatever he wants done. Whether its the the front door handle, opening food, turning on taps, picking up things that are stored too high, there's nothing that grabbing my thumb and tugging at my hand until its on whatever it is can't accomplish.

The second way is to drive me mad. He has discovered the exact frequency of hum that eats its way into my brain and turns it into frustration. Its insistent, and slightly off-key, and loud. And he can keep it up for ages. Honestly, I'd rather he was screaming, because that, while a bit distressing it doesn't have the same psyche-destroying effect of this current noise. He needs to learn not to do it, especially in the car, because I may well crash it just to stop the sound. When he's at home, I try and ignore it for a bit, but will sometimes just randomly point him at things in an effort to get him to stop. Sure, play with the glass bottles, just stop the noise. goldengrove isn't affected by it, she just stares at me while I start to grind my teeth.

In more salubrious news (news? events? something), Hamish got to visit the zoo as part of tacomonkey's birthday present, which we think he liked. He was certainly enthused about many animals, even tho this involved him making woof noises at the majority of them. The pygmy hippo, elephants and orangutangs got the most attention, although I would imagine the lions would have been popular if we could have got the pram across the bridge. It also turns out that Hamish can make exactly the same noise that a serval (small cat) makes, which led to a strange exchange between the two of them.

The other big event of the month was taking him along to my cousin Russell's wedding. The invite said that kids were welcome, so we bit the bullet and took Hamish along. He had fun running about with some of the other kids before the ceremony, was fairly quiet and well behaved during, and sent beams of cute out at various family members during the reception, before finally slumping unconscious on goldengrove's shoulder near the end of the night. We opted to leave then rather than wait for the very end of the wedding, but I think folks understood why.

goldengrove managed, after much stressing, to find a playgroup for Hamish in addition to his mum's group. She was a bit concerned that finding a space would be hard, but it turned out that at her first choice a bunch of the kids from the previous year had moved onto primary school, making a tonne of space. Its being held at a community centre that used to be a kindergarten, so there's a fenced in playground that Hamish can run around and around until he collapses.

Much of the playing he does at the playgroup is pushing. Pushing trolleys, cars, whatever. Pushing of the third kind! He has a couple of small pushing things at home, a little cart and a pram, but he has started demanding that he also be allowed to push the giant pram we have. This can be a problem, because as he can't see, he can't steer. He also objects if I steer while he pushes. Additionally, if the pram starts to head downhill, because of aforementioned lack of steering ability, Hamish refuses to let go, instead trying to keep up with it as it starts to gather speed. So far I've managed to catch up with this accelerating disaster and slow things down again, but there will come a day where I watch Hamish brake with his face and the pram keeps going into a fence.

As its been 18 months, Hamish got to go visit the MCHN nurse for a checkup. He's put on 1.5kg in the last 6 months, making him 10.7kg and he's 85cm tall. That makes him about 25th percentile for weight and 75th for height - in other words he's lighter than 75% of babies and taller than 75% of babies. Hell of a combination. However as you can see from this graph:

this is still considerably disappointing from the initial projections after the first month, which suggested he would be around 220kg at this point. I'm going to take it up with goldengrove and see what she has to say about this poor performance.

Photological evidence
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