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not only but also
December, month of a bajillion photos 
4th-Jan-2010 11:19 am
I'd been taking photos off the camera and not sorting them, which bit me in the ass when I realised I had about 1000 photos to sort through...

Stuff of general interest:
Zoo fail indoor picnic
cheshire_bitten's birthday party
Jeremy's 1st birthday party
pr0zak's 29th birthday
geekweevil's xmas eve drop in
New Years

Stuff of specific interest:
Godfrey & Jean's 70th wedding anniversary (goldengrove's grandparents)
Judith's birthdays (plural deliberate)
Beach trip with tacomonkey & Hamish
Ferntree Gully National Park
More beach, with Hamish and goldengrove
Random birds at Jells Park
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