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not only but also
Month 15 - "space has a terrible power" 
30th-Nov-2009 08:55 pm

Hamish has a new game. It started with accidentally throwing a ball from his ball pit down the stairs. That was kind of cool. And another one. And a third. Ok, how about pegs. Boring. Hmm, what else will go down the stairs? He sorted through a pack of nappies, selected one and threw it with great concentration down the stairs. Boring. How about this empty glass vodka bottle. Ooo, that went down a long way making interesting noises. How about his wiggles car? He didn't just push it down the stairs tho, he lifted it up and flung it down all 5 stairs to see what would happen. This was a surprise given I was at the bottom of the stairs. I dread the day when he leads me over by the hand and shoves me down the stairs. I guess at least I will have been protected.

He's been doing a lot of experimentation and learning this month. He tries to help with hanging out or collecting washing by taking things in and out of the basket. The unpacking/packing thing crops up with emptying or filling toy boxes and moving balls between buckets too. He's been demanding to be the one that uses the spoon when food is there. Not to get food to his mouth, but just to swish it around in the bowl for a while. I had him on my shoulders one day while trying to drink coffee, and he kept trying to shove a spoon into the cup - from my point of view, a spoon kept coming down out of the top of my field of view to bang vaguely around on my coffee cup. It was like a Terry Gilliam animation where god was trying to knock my coffee out of my hand with a spoon.

Hamish's cunning seems to be increasing as well - above and beyond the normal "look at you to see if you notice I'm about to do something you've told me not to do" or "walk along towards a dangerous part of the house with a toy as decoy, then drop the toy and lunge", he has been swapping screaming tactics with other kids at mum's group. Sometimes you can watch him practice - there's nothing wrong, he's just seeing if he can make that noise. He also stole my parent's dog's toy and wouldn't give it back until she came close enough to pat. The dog obsession continues - he barks at our neighbour's gate as we walk past to see if he can get a return bark from their german sheppard.

I am often bemused by his ability to be cute and infuriating in equal measures at the same time. Stretching out deflated balloons and letting them snap then giggling? Cute. Chewing on the balloons so they are coated in spit, and then doing that, releasing a cloud of spit vapour like some sort of breath weapon? Not so cute. Snuggling up to me in bed while asleep? Cute. Pushing and pushing (still asleep) until I nearly fall out trying not to crush him? Not so cute. Also, genetic from his mum. Climbing up onto the couch, then putting his head down snuggling your leg? Cute. Then headbutting repeatedly? Not so cute.

The walking powers continue to strengthen. He'll toddles around the house getting into things he shouldn't, but much more interesting is escaping to the outside world. If the back door is open, its straight out to the back steps and crawling down - unless pulling my bike down onto his head seems more fun. And if the front door is open, but the screen door is shut, he'll try and go through it. Once he's out the front door, he heads off as fast as possible for the street, or maybe picking begonia flowers. We walked hand in hand down to the end of our street (about 200m) the other day as Hamish stared about fascinated.

He's been a bit difficult to settle to sleep at night recently. I think the late sunset makes things a bit harder sometimes, but there's been more teeth sticking through, and random colds and other guff as well. I look forward to being able to get him to say, or at least point at what's wrong. There is a sound that he makes that might be "Hamish" (although its more like 'deydis'), but its not a definiate word. There are a quite a few of the random noises that might be words, but the ones he makes the most also come with excitement so its really hard to be sure. He points at photos of his cousins, for instance, and makes excited noises that could be names or just gibbering. He then tries to pull the frames off the wall and eat them, so what that means is anyone's guess but I'm not leaving him alone with them at Christmas.

Photos from November as well as old photos from October and September from Liz's phone.

30th-Nov-2009 10:14 am (UTC)
Ooh, hey, I know another Hamish who's 3 and when he says his sister's name Freya it comes out "Peppa". So I can totally understand the "Deydis" thing. *nods*
30th-Nov-2009 11:03 pm (UTC)
heh, close! His cousin calls my mum 'Ha' because she couldn't say 'Helen' for a long time... and her brother is Samel rather than Samuel.
30th-Nov-2009 12:36 pm (UTC)
When my brother was little he couldn't say "Phily", which was his nickname, so he used to call himself "Fizzy". He was known as fizzy for a long time.
30th-Nov-2009 11:04 pm (UTC)
good nickname :)
(Deleted comment)
30th-Nov-2009 11:04 pm (UTC)
... what?
1st-Dec-2009 01:11 am (UTC)
my (25 year old) bother is still called Goosh because I couldn't say Graeme as a child.
1st-Dec-2009 01:18 am (UTC)
Apparently when I was about 3, I was unable to handle that my uncle Steve's brother in law was called Steve as well (my aunt's brother). So I renamed him Charlie.
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