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not only but also
Month 14 - "in the ear hole" 
2nd-Nov-2009 10:23 am
grrr dribble

Its been a full month for me, what with knee surgery and Sydney, so I've not had as much interacting with Hamish as usual. It didn't help that my usual thing to do when its just me and him hanging out is to go for a walk - which even when I was off the crutches, I wasn't really up for. Pushing the pram up hill is almost designed to be the wrong stress for the knee. However, goldengrove coped excellently while I was away and crippled (because she is a Good Mum :-)), with extra help from bjj_moves.


Nonetheless! many things have gone on. He is now walking. WALKING. He's not great at it, but its not just stumbling a little bit and moving his feet a bit at the same time, he is actually walking with some confidence about the place. There's still a few falls (he has a winner of a bruise on his forehead at the moment), but he improves every day. It really did seem to be the exposure to other walking kids at mum's group that tipped the balance, because it was a day after one meeting that he suddenly was moving confidently around the rooms. He'll still drop down and crawl for that extra burst of speed, especially toward stairs or sharps or similar things, but being bipedal is no longer beyond him (I managed to get completely garbled the other day saying "he's now walking just on his back feet" as if he was some sort of circus animal).

This means everything in the house now needs to be moved up another foot to get it out of the way of hands which can now reach easily onto the benches or tables. And with the walking coordination appears to come the climb coordination. He can climb up onto a chair in the kitchen to look out the window. He can slide off the bed, or slide down stairs on his belly. And if you look away for 30 seconds, he can climb the barricade at the end of bjj_moves's stairs and climb the 12 stairs all the way up to the rooms of mystery, and laugh at you from the landing.

He is getting bigger and bigger... normal, I know, but when he's already seemingly half my height, it leaves us a bit bemused about how tall he will end up. Conventional wisdom is most kids end up double their height as at 2.5 years, so it'll be about March 2011 before that comes around, and yet he's already big enough that he gets stuck underneath tables and chairs, whacking his head a few times before freaking out. More teeth are appearing along with the height, and we can feel at least two points of top molars already. He is also at the "my nose - your nose" stage, where he touches your ear, then his ear, and so on. Its cute until you get tiny exploring kid fingers in the ear canal or up the nose. There has also been a discovery of a belly button which led to hysterical giggling and sticking his stomach out to see it better.

The month hasn't been all good - he managed to tip hot coffee onto himself at one of the mum's group days, and to pick up a fairly harmless rash for a week or so, which meant skipping another of the mum's group for him and goldengrove. And most traumatically for all, he had his fingers in the gap between the door and the doorjamb when the wind caught it and slammed it shut. The last section of his ring finger got smooshed to about 2mm flat, and there was much screaming. By the time we got in to see the doctor up the road, he'd stopped yelling, and the finger had swollen back into a finger shape, albeit bright purple. It was too small an amount of finger to xray easily, so the suggestion was to ice it and see what happens. Icing happened by the expedient of giving him parts of icepole to hold and eat, and within a couple of days it seemed to be ok enough for him to be using it normally. It doesn't even seem like he'll lose the nail. Oh, to be young and have a functional body again. Although, apparently, as a small child, he doesn't have any kneecaps at all as yet, so I will have to wait to steal his.

I'm on a jeep!

He is still a vocal monkey. Literally. He makes monkey "oo oo eee ee" noises, which he has learnt from a book he got for his birthday, which goes nicely with the jaguar-like rarr sound. He also babbles syllables constantly - if anyone knows what "gudje" means, please feel free to enlighten us, because he'll sit and play with toys and "gudje gudje gudje gudje gudje gudje" comes pouring out of his mouth. Still no signs of clearly articulated words, but the sheer variety of sounds he can make - even skipping all the blown raspberries and weird clicking - means that one day he'll probably just burst into conversation, skipping the individual words stage ("everything's been ok until now").

Its a lot of fun watching him interact with other children and pets. We went along to his cousin Calum's 3rd birthday and Hamish sort of trailed behind all the 3ish year olds, watching them and recording their every move for later analysis. When he wasn't chewing on Calum's new toys, anyway. He still loves our fish, even as they get more and more obscured by tank gunge, and is fascinated by dogs and cats when they are around. He went all anime-eyes one day when we walked past a gigantic brown dog, and the head swivelled to ensure he saw all he could of the placid pooch. The cat that is trying to adopt Rupert & Sam got a variety of patting on Sunday just past, some in the eye, some on the stomach softly, and some randomly when he couldn't see for fluffy tail in the face. tacomonkey says that the same force that attracts him to cats attracts old ladies to him worse than antiques and gin - she got left alone with him at Glen Waverley shops for a few moments and accosted repeatedly. At least Hamish got a balloon out of the process, with which he proceeded to hit everything in sight.

Less photos than last time
4th-Nov-2009 08:37 am (UTC)
Oh, the fingers up the nose. It's especially fine when you haven't cut their fingernails that particular day, so they're all sharp and stabby and pointy up the schnozz. I enjoy it, I do. Well, it's like enjoying. Well, the opposite of enjoying.

Congrats on the walking!
18th-Nov-2009 06:21 am (UTC)
Last I heard it was 2nd birthday rather then 2.5.

Otherwise I'll have some 2.2+ metre tall nieces.

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