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not only but also
Francis Naylor Jennings 
26th-Jul-2009 09:34 pm

This gentleman is my great great grandfather, Francis Naylor Jennings. He was born in Melbourne to John Jennings and Catherine Naylor in 1854, and died in 1914. John was born in Demerara, South America in 1820 (see prev post about his mixed ancestry) and Catherine was born in Ireland around 1819. They both died early, Catherine in 1857 from "flooding after confinement" (ie: haemorrage after birth) and John in 1861 from "Congestio Cerebral Paralysis" (a stroke, i think). Francis and his 3 other siblings were admitted to the Melbourne Orphanage, as their next closest relative, Eliza, was in Wollongong and not able to take them. Francis left the orphanage in the care of James Richards, of Cole St Elsternwick as an apprentice builder in 1864.
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