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not only but also
Month 10 - "please stop hitting your head on things" 
1st-Jul-2009 11:13 am

Do Not Boil The Baby

Another month! Woo! woo. wooooo. ugh. Ok, still don't have the lung fitness to be enthusiastic. Basically for the month our house has been one of plague - between me and bjj_moves getting flu, infections, a second burst of flu and in bjj_moves's case, pneumonia, its been kind of a tiring month. Fortunately, Hamish has been spared much more than a slight cold and has been able to climb all over prone adults lying there and making funny noises that sound like choking.

Hamish finds many inappropriate or odd things hilarious. Making 'zzzzzz' noises are so laugh worthy that he'll even laugh in the middle of a complete screaming freakout. Not that it stops the freak out, but he will continue to freak and laugh at the same time. goldengrove gargling water is pretty funny, but not as hilarious as goldengrove choking on a mouthful of water she was just gargling. bjj_moves behind my head, miming his plans to stab me to death with carrots and then choke my corpse is funny. goldengrove singing "hello my baby" in a strangled tenor voice is pretty funny. Reflections can be funny, but moving the mirror and not being able to find the baby behind them is just purplexing. Of course, it goes both ways - watching Hamish birdstrike himself when he tried to step through a glass door was too funny for words.

His mobility increases daily. He managed a couple of, er, steps I guess, in the proper crawling position the other day before slumping back to the commando mode. The main problem with this sort of crawling is that his GIGANTIC head really requires two arms on the ground to hold it up. So he lifts one arm to move it forward, and tilts forward and down onto his face. Basically it has to wait for his arms and core strength to increase, which they are doing slowly but surely. He is doing lots of standing, and cruising from one low piece of furniture to the next, and getting more solid around the waist. Plans for the no holds barred baby wrestling continue apace, especially as he practices whacking one thing with another thing. There's still the fairly regular plunge to the ground, usually head first as he either loses his balance, grabs something unstable as a prop, steps on his own pants and trips himself up or grabs a toy with two hands and forgets to hold onto anything (note to self, do not put toys on Hamish's head, as that almost always causes the last to occur).

All this abdominal strength is having other side effects, such as the vocal control to squeal paint off walls. He can get a really loud, high-pitched noise going now, usually when his head is right next to your ear, or when he should be going to sleep - squealing and squawking have supplemented struggling during the demonic possession phase of going to sleep. On the plus side he is making lots of other noises as well - the usual 'pah', 'ba', 'da' noises, as well as trilling sounds with his tongue and what I can only describe as the cowboy-and-indian film traditional indian war cry. He puts the back of his hand to his mouth and wobbles it back and forth, resulting in a woo-woo-woo-woo kind of noise. bjj_moves continues to try and get him to say "armbar" wheras I am too amused by "get in the kitchen and make me some paaaah" which often leads to him saying "paaaah". He was echoing one of the other babies at mother's group yesterday - its like prison, where the inmates teach each other inappropriate skills. Its only a matter of time till he makes sangria in his sippee cup.

Food experiments continue. We are now past the day to day check to see what sort of things he likes to eat, and into the fun of testing some of the allergens. I'm not really concerned by much except possibly milk as his aunt has a strong milk allergy (hives and illness level), but he's been slogging through yogart recently, and formula has never been much of a problem. When we have a quiet day, we'll probably try a skin test and make sure he doesn't go red. On my side, the other real allergy seems to be hayfever - I am hoping he takes after me in that case and avoids it.

Hamish is a little bit fussy about foods being warm, he generally won't eat finger food like soft carrot sticks or cold banana. We've not been letting him feed himself, but instead going with a rolling pair of spoons - as he grabs one and refuses to give it back, we use the next one, and swap when his attention moves between them. Now that we have a vinyl matt to put under the high chair, some more experiments with letting him feed himself will probably occur.

On a related topic, goldengrove discovered that it is a bit hard to tell the difference between Hamish opening his mouth for eating more food, and opening his mouth to sneeze. Long story short, for a little while we had a banana-spattered feature wall in the kitchen.

Sleep has become a bit more random. The last month hasn't contained a lot of sleeping through, but it has contained some longer naps. We've still not found time to try and move away from settling him by hand and gentle rocking, but if he keeps getting heavier at this rate we're going to have to before either my shoulder or knee give out. Its either become easier to put him in the cot, or we've got the timing right, because there's also a lot less of THE COT IS ACID where he wakes up and screams when you put him into bed. The last few nights have been a bit smoother - either the cold is passing or whatever random things were waking him up are passing. Stupid lack of readout screen.

Animals and other children are fascinating. He'll stare at other kids at the supermarket and watch them intently, possibly storing up evil tactics to use in tantrums. Animals are almost as good - we have magpies that fly down into the backyard sometimes and they are watched suspiciously. tacomonkey's cat, Squishie, rather sensibly hissed at Hamish and ran for it when he started moving towards Squishie. He'll lean out of the pram to watch dogs go past if he can. I think it might just be that they are self-mobile, but on the other hand, the roomba scared the pants off him the first couple of times it took off.

It is looking like the CF gene has come to me via my dad's side of the family - I spoke to one of his cousins on the weekend, and she mentioned that one of their other cousins "has asthma so bad people had to bend her over and whack her repeatedly on the back"... er... yes, asthma. That sounds like CF to me, and apparently there were some other family members with similarly bad 'asthma'. Good to know, although my brother that does have kids managed to dodge it - I should talk to the rest of my cousins on that side.

... and much more that is probably only of interest to his parents and doting grandparents. :)

The rest of the photos
1st-Jul-2009 01:51 am (UTC)
i can has baby?
i don't know whether the photos or your tags are funnier...
1st-Jul-2009 02:01 am (UTC)
Either or :) Phear the cute!
Clearly you cannot has baby. We think you are the same person, cos you've never been in the same place at the same time.

ps: hamish is batman
1st-Jul-2009 08:03 am (UTC)
does that mean I am batman also? or am I clarke?
1st-Jul-2009 02:59 am (UTC) - Don't boil the baby
Oooh I love reading your Hamish posts! He looks very cute in that pot
1st-Jul-2009 05:18 am (UTC) - Re: Don't boil the baby
:) He fits all too well.

I have fun writing them - I've no idea how entertaining they are, but you know, 21st party material for him.
2nd-Jul-2009 03:49 am (UTC) - Re: Don't boil the baby
Hahaha I don't envy him on his 21st with all of you guys remembering every embarrassing things he's ever done!
1st-Jul-2009 06:12 am (UTC)
I ruptured my spleen giggling. It's not just his parents/grandparents that love your posts!

I'm jealous of Hamish's flying car. Dammit, where's mine?! I'm bringing Chloe over to have a play.

Oh lawd, still laughing looking at photos. He has such great facial expressions and emotive range. How the hell did they become little people so fast?
1st-Jul-2009 06:17 am (UTC)
Sadly, its not his car :) I think it was one of the mother's group folks....

Many of the expressions are "Argh, the flash went off when it was trying to focus" related :)
5th-Jul-2009 09:16 am (UTC)
Yeah, the car was over at someone else's house. That was in May when Hamish was just starting to get the hang of standing up on his own. Of course now he can cruise halfway around the room, as long as the furniture is close enough together for him to get from one to the next.
2nd-Jul-2009 06:10 am (UTC)
He's absolutely gorgeous :-)
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