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not only but also
Month 9 - "How is it I'm wrestling a 9 month old and losing?" 
1st-Jun-2009 10:57 am

Hamish is slowly becoming a master of his own destiny, able to roll off his back and head off to conquer the world. Which is a shame, because he practises this often while on the change table, and its only a matter of time before he plunges off the edge and onto his gigantic landing-pad sized head. Nappy or clothes change have become a battle and sometimes we do not win - it is very difficult to pin a child with one hand and change a nappy with the other.

His efforts to become fully mobile continue apace. He can now roll around happily (sharp table legs notwithstanding), and commando crawl across the floor, as long as there's something he wants (and shouldn't have) on the other side of the room, and as long as its not polished floorboards - the latter leading to a sort of pathetic "tortoise on its back" thrashing. If you give him hands to hold onto, he can totter around walking and laughing, and if you give him a chair to hang onto, he can happily stand there and try to eat it, again with the laughing and bonus raspberries.

Further to the progress toward becoming a fully fledged human, he is now not only able to, but enjoys, destroying things. Any paper left on the floor is doomed to a fate of being scrunched up, torn to shreds and then probably eaten, or at least put in his mouth. Other things - toys, furniture, rusks, parents - are also being tested to destruction, or at least to the limits of a 9 month old's strength.

shemjaza kindly pointed out that Hamish is currently king of the molepeople, with two lower teeth to help him gnaw his way through roots and other underground obstacles. There's been a lot of drooling, chomping and grumpiness, which hopefully indicates more teeth, but we've been fooled before. bjj_moves keeps taunting him with foods that need chewing, so maybe mockery will encourage teeth.

Food experiments continue. Banana good. Corn not so good. Chicken good. We've moved into mixing foods together to try and vary them a bit, and we're trying to up the number of 'solid' meals to 3. Things you may not know about food and alleged food - if you freeze mashed pumpkin and then microwave it, it becomes liquid. If you freeze mashed corn and then let it defrost, it keeps the shape of the container from the freezer. Where's my nobel prize?

We've done bunches of outings in the last month: walking at Jell's Park and Valley Reserve, my mum's birthday, mum's group, visiting Hamish's new cousin Liam, visiting grandparents that were in Europe for 6 weeks, and the auction of his grandmother's house. goldengrove and me have also managed to get out of the house a couple of times on our own while Hamish was babysat, once for an anniversery dinner and last Friday to go see Watchmen at the Astor.

For a day or two the best toy in the world was a tissue box with a couple of links inside it to rattle because it was light enough to lift and flail with, but hard enough to grab hold of to give him something to chase around the room when he tried to grab at it. It replaced the plug, the spare lanyard that bjj_moves brought home, and other extemporised toys for a whole day. He does seem to have a few favourites - a rubber giraffe from his aunt and uncle's overseas trip, and a crinkly-winged bee from Pedro for instance - but in general a preference for a specific toy comes and goes, making it a bit hard to pick which ones we should take when we go out. On the plus side, when something gets left in the car for two weeks it means that its effectively a brand new toy that he's never seen before.

I'm sure we did other stuff that was more interesting, but I'm suffering from the Monday morning stare, so here are the obligatory photos. Now, back to sleep work.
16th-Jun-2009 08:26 am (UTC)
oh wow
livejournal is confusing
are you aware that your son is a camera whore?
has eli been around him or something? :P <3

somebody is gonna have to learn me about this silly lj thing
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