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not only but also
Month 8 addendum 
4th-May-2009 10:13 pm
Thanks to everyone who asked how Hamish was after he vomitted horribly on Saturday (he normally doesn't). He seemed fine (better out than in) once it was over, so it was probably something about the porridge he had for breakfast.

Hamish had his 8month Maternal & Child Health visit today, he's ~7.4kg and 71.5cm, (about 25th and 60th percentile for 8 months, a bit more on each for adjusted age of 7 months). This is good, he's put on 800g and you can still see his (ticklish) rubs. Well, good for everyone that doesn't have to pick him up all the time anyway. The nurse also said that his weird asthmatic wheezing is just him learning how to control his breathing, and there's nothing wrong with his lungs. Yay :)
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