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not only but also
Nerdy Cthulhuesque stuff 
3rd-Oct-2005 10:29 pm
As is traditional, the folks playing in the Cthulhu/WtF game found themselves with a manuscript. After some translation work, they had an english version. However, I'd said that the original was in middle english, and I got bored and mangled it back to the "original" form. Because I am nerdy, I am inflicting it on all of you :)

"Original" middle english (mangled)

Biyonde a swolowe in þe anonderfolde nyghte a pas leden to a waghe of houge stanes, ant biyonde þe waghe amounten ********* a-seruinel þe tatered ant un-yed figures of þe merke. Elenge has hie slepen bihinde þe waghe, ant þei þe clomben þe waghe skyualde ouer hies body a-niten ********* but þen hies name es i-cwede or red he bi-comen a-mensken or a-baiten ant taken þe schaft ant soule of þes he bait an. F. þei þe red of bales ant cerche f. hits forme innen hern mende bi-callen bales, ant swa myht ********* agen amblen a-monges renkes

What the players got...

Beyond a gulf in the subterranean night a passage leads to a wall of massive bricks, and beyond the wall rises ********* to be served by the tattered and eyeless figures of the dark. Long has he slept behind the wall, and those which crawl over the wall scuttle over his body never knowing it to be *********; but when his name is spoken or read he comes forth to be worshipped or to feed and take on the shape and soul of those he feeds upon for those who read of evil and search for its form within their minds call forth evil, and so might ********* return to walk among men.

(the document the players got had the name in question similarly removed)
4th-Oct-2005 12:14 am (UTC)
Cool. :) How do you do the thorns?
4th-Oct-2005 12:32 am (UTC)
The standard character set includes thorn and eth...
þ and ð or Þ and Ð for caps...

http://www.ramsch.org/martin/uni/fmi-hp/iso8859-1.html has the basic named characters... very useful :)
4th-Oct-2005 12:36 am (UTC)
Well, that was easy. :)
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