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not only but also
Week 19 
15th-Jan-2009 12:08 pm
I have a general policy about not talking about bodily eruptions with regard to Hamish, but I kind of have to break it just this once. In the last week Hamish managed to silently throw up while laying down, covering the pillow he was on, goldengrove's top and skirt, and soaking through to her underwear... and got not a drop on himself. We were left both standing there baffled.

On slightly less sticky news, we've discovered that, similarly to impish's daughter Chloe, Hamish will only laugh at me, rather than at his mum. The two of us got into a cycle of sending each other off giggling when I was with him on Thursday night which left me grinning for days. Current theories are either that its part of the laughter being related to nervousness thing, and he's too comfortable with mum, or that Milk Is Serious Business.

We took him along to jaquiej & MattMatt's wedding on Sunday night. He was pretty good, but I think this might be the last outing that he goes to for a while - he is definitely past the point where he can just sit in the corner and fall asleep, and instead is too interested in the people and things around him, which leads to grizzling and broken sleep patterns. I think we might see if we can find a babysitter for any further events until he's a bit older and able to cope with this sort of thing.

I swear I got him out of bed the other day and he had grown 2cm overnight. I've been sort of vaguely aware that he's been shooting through clothes sizes (now in the size 0 stuff), but I went to carry him and sort of found that his torso was longer than my forearm suddenly. This leads to awkward holds or being able to do less stuff while holding him than I used to, which is a bit annoying, but as a step toward being able to sit up on his own, its a good thing. Also, when we start our no holds barred baby arena fighting, some extra reach won't do him any harm.

In that vein, bjj_moves continues his campaign to teach Hamish 'armbar' as his first words, as well as to encourage Hamish to kick anything below him with both legs. This leads to me getting kicked in the stomach a lot as I try and change his nappy - probably behaviour I'd have to put up with anyway but its fun to blame bjj_moves.

Hamish has now got sufficient control of his hands to explore the rest of his body with them. It started with grabbing his legs, but now he has discovered that those pink blobs way down there are his as well and seem to be connected. He tends to play with toys with his right hand, but grab his feet with his left (and then suddenly roll over leftward as his legs and arms wiggle around). There was a brief moment where he learnt that he had ears, and then quickly learnt that grabbing ears hard hurts, so they've been left alone again. I am reliably informed that eventually he'll do the same with genitalia, making nappy changing a bit exciting.

When he does cute things, I do the parent thing and try to take photos. However, the camera is apparently an object of great fascination, so any such activities stop suddenly, and the camera is carefully inspected. I turned the screen around and that was a bit of a hit as well. Nonetheless, there are still photos :-)
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