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not only but also
Week... oh I don't know any more. 17? About that. 
28th-Dec-2008 06:41 pm
Christmas was its normal madness, compounded by the fact that we normally have 95% of our Christmas shopping done by the end of November. Clearly that wasn't going to happen this year, and so the last few weeks were spent madly baking and rushing about the place to try and get stuff for folks. We are awash in gingerbread now, made primarily from sarahs_voyage's recipe with 300% more ginger :)

Hamish now has a number of different states and outputs. He is able to express "I am on fire", "I am extremely annoyed", "I am extremely hungry", "I am mildly discontent", "the mobile has fallen on my head" and "if i smile at you, you will feed me", bringing him up to about the level of an adult cockerspaniel. I am a bit of a fan of the instant grin as he wakes up and sees me, I have to admit.

I am starting to feel that we can't have the tv on while just randomly amusing him as he focuses pretty solidly on it. I know its just shiny patterns to him at this stage, but it makes me feel vaguely guilty. Unfortunately, its also starting to get hot, so we can't just wander outside as easily and look at flowers and the like in the middle of the day. Oh, conundrum. He's not quite at the stage where he could be left for 5 or 10 minutes to amuse himself - don't debunk my vague sense of hope that this might happen sometime soon, as the 30 seconds of playing with things that he does at a time for the moment is just long enough to make me think it might be happening at some point.

He now appears to have a genuine habit of sleeping for 7-8 hours straight overnight. And there was a loud huzzah from goldengrove. The only time he hasn't really flaked out by 10pm was the day that he spent mostly napping, so he probably used up all his sleep during the day. He even managed to sleep at Avril's xmas eve party, albeit on goldengrove's lap.

goldengrove has had two big breaks from being baby wrangler. She went and did some shopping and then saw a film (gasp!) on a Sunday at Pinewood while I stayed home and looked after Hamish. And then yesterday I got to wander to Heidelberg and say hullo to Ainsley, Benji and Jeremy, taking Hamish with me. He didn't scream the whole way, but he did make vaguely discontent "waa" noises every 8 seconds or so for the 45 min trip. Fortunately he can be partially masked by loud off-key singing.

Hamish got a hoard of loot, toys and random practical things for Christmas. Many of them make noises, which is probably unavoidable (the folks that make ones with variable volume settings should be applauded), but I sense that they will become a bit tedious before long. On the plus side it means that I can take a break from making a variety of strange noises to entertain him. I'm really fairly content to sit at home without talking much in my natural state, so it starts to strain my repertoire if I am left to my own devices.

On the topic of loot, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who gave us something toward Project Hamish this year, whether it was toys, equipment, clothes, food, time, company or whatever. I look back on some of the stuff we didn't have to worry about and marvel - both myself and goldengrove are immensely grateful for it all. I suck at accepting gifts, so I made goldengrove do a lot of the gift receiving, but I really appreciate everything people did. We were sort of hoping we'd have photos in clothes that were donated, especially the ones that were handmade, but we never seemed to have the time when he had them on, so it fell by the wayside.

Photos from Christmas and all.
28th-Dec-2008 08:56 pm (UTC)
"I am starting to feel that we can't have the tv on while just randomly amusing him as he focuses pretty solidly on it. "

I'm right there with you. I can pick Chloe up and move around the room and she'll move her head so she can track the pretty lights. Video hits was a winner on the weekend: music *and* patterns. Mesmerising!

Yay for sleeping through. And everyone's sanity rose another notch.
29th-Dec-2008 07:06 am (UTC)
Lets not mention youtube... :-) having bopping video on was the only way I could read some email for a bit :-)
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