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not only but also
Week 12 - or "Nothing much to say" 
24th-Nov-2008 11:05 pm
Its been kind of a quiet week of mostly mundane things happening. Hamish is in bigger nappies, hooray. Good, but not exactly momentous. He's kind of smiling and sort of responding to us, but mostly its still tongue sticking out and headbutting me by accident. His awake periods are getting longer, but he's having more wind problems, so they are full of yelling. He's making more noises, and they seem more on purpose. He thrashes his arm forward to smack a little bee toy hanging above the rocker, thus learning the important lesson that violence can bring amusement.

I got a day off from being a parent and got to head up to the not-camp, which was fun, but meant missing mousebane's party. I'm turning into an alcohol light-weight, all this being responsible the rest of the time :) Work was worky. Genealogy nerding was nerdy.

The one bit of real news is that it was ME all along who was carrying the cystic fibrosis gene. Who'd have thought I'd be the mutant. Apparently I have the same mutation in the appropriate gene as he does, and there is only a 1-in-121 chance that goldengrove has a different, much rarer mutation (they only test for the common ones). This means that there is very little chance indeed that any potential further kids would develop CF (although a 50/50 chance they'd be a carrier too). I'm going to chase up with my brothers (and hopefully parents) to get tested as well, and see how far it has spread - more knowledge about these sorts of things is good.

I tried to get photos of smiles but he was too weirded out by the camera in his face :)
24th-Nov-2008 09:49 pm (UTC)
Ha. Chloe will probably be in the bigger nappies some time next week. Nappies of doom!

Congratulations on confirmation of your mutantery. If only it came with some sort of Magneto-esque supervillain power as well.
24th-Nov-2008 10:41 pm (UTC)
Giiiigantic baby! :)
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