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not only but also
"Please let go of my lip" 
8th-Oct-2008 02:29 pm
Things continue at a reasonable pace. Hamish is now 5 weeks old, or 1 week from when he was actually due. He is breastfeeding much better than he was, but still requires a bit more food than he seems able to suck out himself. Looking down at his slack mouthed drooling face with its half rolled back, half closed eyes is like looking at a cute little unconscious drunk.

We made it along to Glenn and twilight_dew's wedding on Saturday, and he was astoundingly good. He slept through the ceremony, woke up for food before the reception and was out cold for another 3 hours. He woke up again in the middle, got crammed full of food and made it all the way home before he got hungry again. Many folks cooed and awwwed over him during the reception, and some people were astounded that he slept right through all the hubhub.

Hamish gets tonnes of practice with all his muscles, fighting everything we try and make him do. His grip is getting stronger, as my pulled out chest hair and twisted lips can attest to. He seems to focus a bit more on people around him and less randomly around the room, but there's still a lot more interest in lights than human faces.

I'm back at work full time this week, leaving me a bit fatigued and strange, so if I lose threads of conversation or forget to reply to emails, please feel free to poke me. goldengrove has been at home dealing with dog poo, pigeons that keep coming inside and random day time screaming, but seems to be coping with the trials and tribulations.

No photos yet, as I haven't had a chance to go through the wedding ones, and there aren't many ones other than that :) Soon boris.
8th-Oct-2008 05:09 am (UTC)
As I don't think it's said enough, give Liz my love and support please. And hugs.
8th-Oct-2008 05:11 am (UTC)
:) She does read comments and all (hooray for eepc and wireless), but she's a bit too braindead to respond. So, on her behalf, ta :)
8th-Oct-2008 05:16 am (UTC)
That was understood and unsurprising. She has slightly more important things on her mind than responding to us rabble :-)
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