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not only but also
Week 4 - MegaBaby 
30th-Sep-2008 11:35 pm
Wha? huh? Oh right. Another week.

goldengrove took Hamish along to the MCHN today, and he got weighed and measured. Technically he was due yesterday so using that as a basis, he might have been 4.07 kg (just shy of 9 pounds) and 53cm long at birth. Mein got. He's grown by 25% in weight and about 10% of length in four weeks. If this continues at the same pace, he will weigh 9,850kg by the time he is 3 years old and be about 15m high. MegaBaby. Fear him and his ability to stomp small cities into the ground. I'm planning the cage match against Mothra for his 5th birthday.

He's done a lot of travelling - we packed him in the car to visit my cousin and associated other visitors on Wednesday night, to the lactation service on Friday day and then to Chadstone Friday night, and then off to a family thing on Sunday and then to my parents' place Monday night. Getting him into the car is an exercise in careful movement - you have to duck under the door, over the strap and into the seat. Then comes the fun of trying to convince him that uncrossing his legs might be an idea, and also moving his fists away from his face so you can get his arms into the belts properly. Often while he is screaming at you from about 4 inches away for waking him up - and for those that have visited, you can testify that he is loud enough to drown out adult conversation in a large room, let alone in a small car.

He seems to be picking up on the breastfeeding, although that comes along with two new digestive tricks - one the traditional vomit, but the other is a bottle feeding thing.. he can mange to suck on the bottle in such a way as to shoot milk/formula out in a stream from the side of his mouth up to 10 inches away. I am not sure I could do this, its truly a startling trick. Clearly there's still some food going in - he's getting bigger :)

Overall, I suspect that he's a startlingly good baby :-) but we don't really have any friends with horror children, so there's nothing to compare him too accurately... his arms haven't fallen off... um, he hasn't shown any reactions to any food stuffs or anything. Er, the dog didn't eat him on a carefully supervised encounter. He has not suddenly vomited green pea soup. So lots of hidden positives.

goldengrove is generally doing well. I think she might start getting a bit of cabin fever, but we have been going out and doing this and that so there's a bit of a break out of the house and more specifically out of the chair in the living room. She is still slogging her way through The Professionals too - 55 slices of British cheese...

bjj_moves has been dealing ok with the screaming baby too - hopefully he's not getting woken up by the screaming when Hamish loses his mind at not being fed the moment he wakes up. Also, if Hamish's first words are "Arm bar", you all know who to blame.

I went back to work part time last week, which was a bit of a shock to the system. Some of the really late nights haven't combined too well with the stress from trying to get some material out onto the public site by tomorrow morning, but I'm not coming home and falling asleep, so its more a brain fatigue thing than a body tiredness thing.

This weekend is twilight_dew & Glenn's wedding - we're all going along to both the ceremony and the reception, which might be a touch ambitious, but will hopefully work out. Worst case, if he won't stop yelling, we can always make our apologies and leave, but I'm crossing my fingers that he'll continue being mostly well tempered.

More photos of the wriggle monkey
30th-Sep-2008 01:54 pm (UTC)
The cage to hold them will be an engineering marvel, and cost a fortune. Put the whole thing on PPV. :-)
1st-Oct-2008 01:37 am (UTC)
That's part of the appeal :)
1st-Oct-2008 04:05 am (UTC)
He looks adorable.
Just wait till he learns to undo the cage with a screwdriver a` la rugrats
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