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not only but also
I am a man of many lists. 
6th-Sep-2008 11:05 pm
The #1 best thing we took to the hospital was a small notepad and pen. We've been writing everything down, because both goldengrove and I have no brain any more. Each day's activities are written down (feed @ 10am in special care nursery, have shower) on a page, but also things like anything I need to do at home when I get in is in a list. My pockets overflow with organisational largess.

So. Late, late last night when I'm puddling around at home I notice that Bobby (our dog) has some food on his toe. Wait, he doesn't get meat. No, what he has on his toe is a giant gash. Its not bleeding, so he clearly did it a fair while beforehand, but it is skank. Soooo, off to the emergency vet run me and bjj_moves and get it treated. God knows what he did, but he's managed to make a deep cut almost down to the bone. Its now all wrapped up with banadages, and he has a collar on to top him eating those. Combined with the arthritis, this makes him super spaz. Hooray. He's sleeping inside with the heater on, hopefully that will help the recovery.

You can see the foot through the collar.
Stupid $600 dog

In the end I got about 5 hours sleep (after driving for 3 hours the day before to get the pram, as well as the trips to hospital and back all week), and headed off to the hospital to get there about 8am. Last night had been a bit of a crisis because goldengrove was basically jack of being in the hospital and dealing with the constant bustle, but didn't want to leave Hamish behind. One of the midwives suggested waiting till he'd been evaluated by the paedatricians, and decide what she wanted to do today, which was a plan, and bjj_moves had suggested going for a walk outside briefly. We worked out that it had been Sunday the last time goldengrove had been outside, and she has an inside-corner bed, so that was not helping.

When I arrived, goldengrove was in the shower and once she got all dressed and had breakfast we went and poked Hamish in the special care nursery. At 7am, he'd shown signs of working out that although fingers (his, mine, whatever), clothes (his, mine, whatever) and his wrist were fun to suck, nipples might actually dispense milk. I was going to kick about at 10, but someone else was breastfeeding too, so I tried to get a coffee (EPIC FAIL - if you can't tell if its tea or coffee for 5 mins, it is not good) and hung about outside in the sunlight. Once Hamish was done, we abandoned him to the care of the nursery and dragged goldengrove outside with a big M and an apple cake. This rambling story (see "I got 5 hour sleep") was basically to get to the point that when she went into the hospital it was still winter, and today very much felt like spring. It was exactly the right weather to be outside, admiring cherry blossums and chilling out. Well done nature, you win this round.

According to the doctors, there's a greater than zero chance that Hamish could come home Sunday or Monday. While this is good, and goldengrove relaxed a bit, it led to a slight panic from an organisational point of view. So I rushed off to try and hire a breast pump (successfully), get some teats for bottles (semi-successfully) and buy some formula as a supplement (not at all succesfully.. mostly I don't worry about Nestle = evil, but when you're looking at buying baby formula, the whole trigger for the argument... well, it was weird :))

I bullied the nursery into a slightly more prepared shape and tried to put together the bassinet we've been lent by goldengrove's sister & brother in law. I think they're fucking with us, and this is 5 components from completely different items. It doesn't help that I can't really think properly, but even bjj_moves is stumped.

Back to the hospital! *cue scene change animation* On the way back I start to realise there's something wrong with the car. Argh. I am starting to think that the muffler might have developed a hole, because when I accelerate, I appear to be driving a cessna. *headdesk* I can't take this car off the road, its the one with the babyseat. Ok, ignoring the loud noise, la la la la, to the hospital....

Where I find Hamish screaming and wailing that we dare to try and feed him when he's hungry! WHAT WERE WE THINKING! AAAAAAAAAAAARGH! FURY! Now, while this is a bit infuriating, its also good from the point of view that he's shaking the jaundice off. Its just that on top of the car worries and lunatics on the road, he could have picked a better time to show the true power of his fully inflated lungs.

... thus, its been kind of a frustrating 24 hours or so.

On the plus side, Hamish improves at suckling, goldengrove is producing a tonne of milk. He's warm and getting healthier. They might be home in a couple of days. These things are good.

Now, having scoffed my lava jaffles and rambled incoherently at you all, I must return to my list and ignore the fact my brain isn't working properly ;) In the meantime, have some
Take that, Anne Geddes:
take that, Anne Geddes

see? black. He's posessed.

A few more...
7th-Sep-2008 01:11 am (UTC)
He's so beautiful!
10th-Sep-2008 07:21 am (UTC)
thanks :) I think he's cute, but i am biased, so my opinion is suspect.
11th-Sep-2008 03:08 am (UTC)
Well, hmmmm, I've seen three new babies (in photos) in the last month, and photos of a few others up to about age 1.

I definitely think yours is the cutest! (I hope none of the others read this ;))

Admittedly one of them was rather premi so has tubes stuck to her face and such, and the other I've only seen one or two photos of I think.

Perhaps it's a boy thing, therefore I should try and have a boy first, incase I get an ugly girl ;)
12th-Sep-2008 12:43 am (UTC)
heh :) some babies don't come out fully cooked, it takes a few month to sort themselves out.
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