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not only but also
Wandering Star... 
10th-Apr-2007 11:05 am
into the woods

I ran Wandering Star at Conquest 2007, and I had a pretty good, if somewhat frazzled, time of it.

I ran 11 sessions and merinnan kindly ran one for me, so about 60 people played through over the weekend. There was a fair bit of variation in how people approached the problems in the game, so I got to watch them interact with various scenes in different ways - violence, negotiation, sneaking, etc. When things happened got shuffled around a fair bit, and what they thought was happening was often quite different.

Unfortunately, I once again ended up with 1.5 sessions worth of material being burbled into the game, and only 1 session to run it in, so too many people got the accelerated version and no time to really play through, or the quick version which left them not enough time to think it through. I seem to have this 'talent' - mostly through worrying people won't have enough to do, and forgetting congamers propensity for waffling about and taking their time, splitting up and looking at everything and so on.

So while people had fun, it wasn't quite the game I wanted to run, which was a bit disappointing. I blame being out of practice - I've really only run one con game since 2000, and it was two sessions. If it was run without a time limit, I think it'd work as is, but if I was going to run it at a con again, I'd make it two sessions and expand some of the things a little.

On the plus side, I think it gave some folks a glance into Werewolf:the Forsaken (even tho the situation that the characters are in is atypical), and hopefully they might be enthused to run it. Its a hard game to run at cons - the background knowledge required is immense because there's so much going on in their world. It would have been nice if Milsims had brought some W:tF books along to sell :(

Anyway, for folks that might be interested, here's the scenario as it stands - if I have time and interest I might tweak it up and fix the things that are a bit wonky (some glitches on character sheets, some details on how things are laid out), but right now I don't really want to look at it for the moment. It doesn't include the photos and maps, because some of that was copyright, and while I don't mind using them myself at the con, I'm not too keen to republish them.

10th-Apr-2007 01:21 am (UTC)
Frazzled? You looked perfectly normal for you at a con I thought :-)
10th-Apr-2007 01:23 am (UTC)
:-p I actually found it harder work in some ways to run a game that to be conorging - less having to be ready for interesting and exciting ways for it to go wrong, but lots more being on the go the whole con. At least on rego desk I can sit down for an hour or so in the middle of the session :)
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