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not only but also
Only 2 weeks to go until Arcanacon XXV kicks off! 
10th-Jan-2007 11:19 am

Are you hyped? Over 300 people have already signed up for the Convention, and some games are now full in many of their sessions. If you're planning to come along, you have until midnight on January 21st to pre-enter online via AON.

Take a look at the Con website where all the events are described in loving detail - http://www.arcanacon.org/ - or go directly to AON to signup - http://aon.arsimagica.net/aon/

Of course, if you're more the show-up-and-see kind of congoer, then there's nothing stopping you from rocking up on the day and jumping into games.

Arcanacon opens on Thursday the 25th, and the doors to the rego hall swing wide to the hordes of entrants at 2pm - the gaming kicks off with the first session is 4pm. (Thursday is not a holiday! :))

Got any questions? We'd like to hear them - email orgs@arcanacon.org and we'll get back to you asap. :)

So, what's news this year at Arcanacon?

Unfortunately, Mind Games will not be running a stall at the Con. But they are still sponsoring and supporting the convention. Every entrant will receive a 10% off voucher good for the week after the convention. Mind Games are also continuing sponsors of the Arcanacard (see below) and the Writers Challenge (see belower).

A few games have unfortunately been pulled from the schedule - "The Vampyre's Crypt" will not be running at Arcanacon, and "Mayhem on the Orient Express" is looking uncertain (we are investigating alternative options in the hope it can still run).

On the upside, most of the large freeforms at Arc have filled their initial timetable slots, and so additional sessions have been made available for those games during the convention.

Keep an eye out for the special events at Arcanacon - in addition to the familiar favourites like the 3 session D&D Major, Cheap Ass demos, the Trivia night and Baron Munchausen, there is also a selection of Indie demo games being run across the convention long weekend. Arc is also running a 2nd hand auction on the Saturday - check out the site for details on all of these fine and excellent events.

For more information, go to: http://www.arcanacon.org/2007/events/

Are you sometimes not 100% sure who the writer of a game is? ("She's a short girl... dyed hair... wearing black..... this isn't helping, is it?"). Toying with playing something, but trying to decide between games? Looking to see if that guy who wrote that game last year is writing something this year?

Feedback we get back suggests that a lot of the time, its authors that influence whether someone plays a game or not, so we've attempted to help you out a bit by providing write bios linked into the blurbs on the site - or you can just skim through them all by going straight to http://www.arcanacon.org/2007/events/gms/


What's an Arcanacard? For the last few years, Arc has been supplying these fine cards to entrants who pre-enter for a Get Wrecked entry, or who write or GM full time. What are they good for, I hear you cry? The owner of an Arcanacard is eligible for the following discounts:

  • City Mind Games offers a 10% discount on all roleplaying material which is not already discounted.
  • Café Krifi offers a 10% discount per bill for Arcanacon holders.
  • Of Science & Swords is offering Arcanacard holders a $10 gift voucher for every $50 they spend in the store per single purchase, per person.

For more information, go to http://www.arcanacon.org/2007/general/arcanacard.html

Writer Challenge

Starting this year, Arcanacon is holding a Writer Challenge - people are being offered the chance to nominate a con-goer to write a specific type of game for the following convention.

For instance, you could nominate Andrew Smith to run a comedy game, or Annie Browne to run a freeform. The central idea behind the challenge part of it is that that you think that it would be something different from their normal fare, but also something they would be good at. You can nominate as many people as you like as often as you like, but the nominees can turn down the offer.

The nominations will be announced at the prizegiving - three writers will be chosen and Mind Games will be sponsoring the resulting triplet of events at Arcanacon 2008.

For more information, go to: http://www.arcanacon.org/2007/general/writerchallenge.html

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