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not only but also
New Years Eve party 
4th-Dec-2006 02:51 pm
Where: If you don't know the address, ask me or see next post..
When: From about 5ish onwards until we collapse
Why: duh.

As promised earlier in the year, we're throwing a New Years bash. We're looking at starting about 5 with a BBQ for people that want to make sure they eat something (it'll be vegetablarian friendly), and then rocking on till whenever we all fall over.

If you think we'd invite someone, invite them - the plan is to have a relaxed, but probably fairly loud party. Conversely, if its a big detour to make it, don't feel obliged to drop in :) Our place isn't particularly mobile-kid-safe unfortunately - there won't be sharps everywhere, but there's a lot of stuff at knee height, so use your own discretion :)

We'll supply snacks and nibbles, soft drink, some beer and wine, and random spirits that we're trying to get rid of. BYO fancy BBQ food (if you want to bbq and sausages don't appeal), debauchery and any liquor that can catch on fire.

Damien, Liz (goldengrove) and Tim (bjj_moves)
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