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not only but also
Random werewolf thoughts.... 
23rd-May-2005 05:02 pm
From the wisdom of Works-as-Designed, Elder, Pennant Networks caern...

You have all seen Terminator, correct? And the Matrix? And I,Robot? So what do these have in common? That's right, machines rise up and attempt to overthrow humanity. Why do you think that the homids keep telling this tale?

It is because even homids, deep within, know that the machines have a spirit within, and that treating them like slaves is wrong. It is this guilt that lingers in their psyche, and makes them expect that the machines will one day turn against them.

I have heard homids claim that it shows a fear of their children - but why is it not pets, or actual children that these movies show? They give you Frankenstein as the first of these tales, but Frankenstein's monster was a creation of science, not truly a child. "It's an analogy" they retort, but I suggest that going past the simplest interpretation... but I can see that some of you grow restless.

Why should you care about such a trifle of homid behaviour? After all, you have the things of the Wyrm to consider, matters of pack heirarchy, your service to the Sept - surely an obscure interpretation of homid tales should not be at the forefront of your attention? ... Wrong!

You should be more attentative to the needs of the spirits around you than the homids, not less! You would not hunt without thanking the spirit of your prey, why should you ride up an elevator without the same consideration? You would not suggest that it would be inappropriate to thank a spirit that helps you fight the wyrm? Then why would you fail to appreciate the assistence rendered to you by your gun in defeating a nest of fomori?

A simple thanks; a brief touch; the recognition that there is more to each machine than the component metal and ceramic parts and that it has performed some task for you. This is what you should do for the machines that you encounter throughout the city. For those that are closer to you, what harm does it do to keep them clean, and repaired? Or to give them a name?

Nothing. Correct. It is the honour that each spirit is due from the Garou, regardless of whether they are natural or mechanical. Do what is right by them, and they will strive in turn for you. If you fail to give them the chiminage that they require, then I will be unsurprised when they fail or break in your time of need.

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