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not only but also
Hey kid - you wanna be in pictures? 
6th-Sep-2006 07:10 pm
Well, to the relief of all involved, there's no casting couch for folks wanting to write or run events for Arcanacon XXV.

But there is an opportunity to be involved in the 25th Anniversary of Melbourne's longest running games convention. We are still looking for events of all flavours for next year's convention, whether you want to run a freeform, tabletop roleplaying or a special event.

What's Arcanacon?

Arcanacon is a four day roleplaying convention held in Melbourne over the Australia Day weekend. The next convention is the 25th time Arcanacon will have been run, and in a tenuous link between our silver anniversary and the silver screen, Arcanacon's theme this year is Legends of the Silver Screen.

Want to know more? Check out our website for details about where, when and what goes on at a roleplaying Convention, and at Arcanacon specifically.


What does it take to run an event?

Well, right now, you need an idea, a blurb to go with it and some basic administration information, like what sessions you can run your game. Oh, and you need to tell us about it.

If you're running an roleplaying event, you need to make sure that you have your game written - and preferably playtested! - by the end of January.

And finally, you need to be at the Con over the Australia Day weekend.

See? Not too hard.

What exactly am I committing to when I say I'll run something?

Well, nothing particularly arduous... we'd expect:
  • you to run the event you advertise in your blurb and not to decide to run something completely different
  • you to be available before your event starts to answer questions from players - ideally being at the con during the registration period.
  • if you're running a tabletop, having your game available for players to enter for at least 7 sessions.
  • if you're running a roleplaying event, playtest or run-through your game with other people so that you know it works. Do this before the con with enough time to fix anything that comes up.

What's this about a theme? Do I have to write to it?

For the last few years, Arcanacon has been running with a different theme for each convention. The theme flavours the convention and provides a bit of focus for the website and some games. We've had Science Fiction, Adventure, Ancient Worlds and Faerie Tales themes, and many more.

This year's theme is Legends of the Silver Screen, and the con focuses around the mythology of the Golden Age of Hollywood, from the advent of the talkies through to the end of the 1940s.

We would love games or events that run along with the theme - It Came From the Late, Late, Late Show and Hong Kong Action Theatre are two of the obviously strongly cinema-oriented games, but the possibilities inherent in a game set around the cinema in the Golden Age, could be exploited by any number of modern day games, from Cthulhu to Conspiracy X to Mage.

However, you definately do not HAVE to write for the theme - we'd be bored silly if there were 40 events from one particular genre. We're looking for about 6 - 8 events in theme, tops, so if you have other ideas, definately send them our way.

What's in a blurb?

There's a whole bunch of info available on what information we need for a game, and on writing blurbs for Arcanacon on our website at http://www.arcanacon.org/2007/wrangling/

When you submit your blurb, you can give us the text of the blurb straight off, or you can include a file with the blurb, or you can point us at a URL for the game.

We also need to grab administrative details like how many players you can take, how many sessions your event goes for, what trophies you want, what sessions you can run it in and so on. Getting all this info in with your blurb means that all the organising side of everything runs as smoothly as possible.

How do I submit my blurb?

The best way to submit a blurb is via the Arcanacon website: http://www.arcanacon.org/

Arcanacon is using AON to accept blurbs and run the online registration for the convention. Once you've made an AON membership, you can use that same membership to enter different cons, or enter Arcanacon year after year.

If you haven't used AON before, you need to make a membership, and then sign up for Arcanacon. Once you've done that, you'll see a link for submitting a blurb - follow the instructions from there, and you should be able to tell us everything we need to know.

I'm still thinking about it/waiting for cowriters/retaining some sanity...

Jump into AON now anyway - you can put in the basics of your event without submitting it just yet, and come back to edit and finalise it later. That way we know what sort of games are coming in, and can see if we need to chat to you about the details before you fully submit it all.

I've got a cowriter, and we both need to add stuff in....

Get everyone who is a writer/organiser for the event to sign up. Once that's done, you can add them in as writers via the blurb editting page (about 1/2 way down). From that point on, the blurb should show up in their "admin blurbs" section for Arcanacon.

What does the con supply to help?

We provide trophies and certificates for your event (unless you don't want them), and we can cover some basic printing costs for your game (black and white photocopying). Writers get free coffee and tea at the con, but being summer that probably has a limited appeal.

For other things, ask us - we might be able to help out with advice or convention resources.

I've got a sponsor...

You rock. Just let us know and we'll put sponsor logos on your blurb, and link to them from the website too.

I want to run multiple events

We have a guideline that we'll accept two events from any one author/organiser - so a tabletop and a freeform, or a tabletop and a demo game, or two freeforms... or similar combinations. Feel free to ask though - it's a guideline, not a hard and fast rule.

I have a strange request...

You can either include the details in the notes part of the blurb submission, or email us at orgs@arcanacon.org - we're happy to listen to strange requests about games and such. This goes double for con resources like rooms or extra registration space - don't surprise us with requirements on the day :-)

When do you need to have my blurb by?

Blurb submission closes at the end of September (after UniCon). We need to have everything confirmed and ready to go by then so we can mark up the blurbs for the website for players.

What other dates do I need to know about?

We'll be having a writer/organiser BBQ in early November for everyone who participates in Arcanacon this year. More details will be sent around when the events are finalised.

Preregistration for players closes on the 21st of January, and writers really should be ready by that date too - playtested, written, organised and fired up :-)

The Con starts on Thursday January 25th. This is NOT a public holiday, but there are two sessions that day for players. Either apply for annual leave now or make sure that you tell us you can't make those sessions. :)

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