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not only but also
Werewolf the Forsaken / Masks of Nyarlathotep chronology... 
23rd-Mar-2006 02:35 pm
Woo, random bits of write up for the game that went on hiatus for a bit. Pesky Christmas/Arcanacon. And written by the players .. ahhhh, what loverly humans they are :) (take note, UA game :))

Feb, 2006: "This may sound crazy, and its not the axe talking"

The joys of recording sessions - you come across semi-IC gems like "We've discovered a dismembered body stashed underwater, probably killed by her parents that were perverted cultists, and you guys come back with ''people aren't wearing enough hats''"
3rd-Apr-2006 12:49 am (UTC)
Its pointy?

Yeah, it was. Nice relaxed evening all 'round.
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